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Comfort me

Solace is not so,

Easily found

In the dark.


If I keep my eyes shut,

I can imagine

Someday I will see the sun,

And know I am safe.


It is enough,

The orbit of your arms,

Curling around me,

Infinite, you are Saturn’s rings

We are far from the sun,

(You tell me some days,

You may reflect its light.)


I am safe, I am safe,

I am

Just a planet,

(I must never open my eyes.)


Brush the adoring gold,

Wind chimes of sun 

Along my skin


Feathering trees,

I have grown up with,

So brilliant as

Their leaves transcend 

The humid sky


I wish it forever,

And i want to thank them,

For seeing it all

Never striking arms down

In judgment,

No malice in their branches


Even in the coldest of months, 

When they must die,

And we cannot,

They share it all

Blooming and falling,

Looming and falling


Thank you, 

Is my summer’s whisper


Hoping it will carry,

To the sway in the trees


You exist, you exist, here

There’s a romance,

To the way i may never see you

Flicker or spark,

Of a wax candle held,

By shaking hands, in the dark,


It’s all historic,

Our voices call over eons

And, land that is so finite

Yet so far.

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